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Why I Am Running

I have been practicing law for over 27 years in Central Pennsylvania.  Through that experience, I have garnered a strong understanding of the important role a judge plays in impacting the lives of those who come before the court.  A person’s day in court is one of the most significant days of their life.  Having represented clients in a broad array of matters, I recognize the need for the judge to be fair and to objectively listen to the various aspects of the case.  As a lawyer, I have developed a strong ability to understand both sides of a dispute and to lead my clients toward a resolution consistent with the facts and the law.  I want to use those skills in serving the citizens of Centre County as a judge who listens attentively and who renders an unbiased decision in accordance with the law.  My extensive legal experience and level headed nature make me the perfect candidate for this important position in the county. 


We will deliver a sign to any address in Centre County!

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